Please pray daily for our nation:

August focus: Leadership

8/2017 LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR: Rebecca Kleefisch

July focus: Leadership

7/18/17 Local Leadership: Governor: Scott Walker

Father I thank you for the desire that our governor has to lead. Whether he uses his goals to lead through divine direction or by some  other motivation, you want both his best interest and the interest of the people served. When conflict arises let the answer  rise to the top of boiling solution of decision. I praise you because in the midst of conflict you provide the ultimate direction. Because of who you are we can remain confident that you will continue to direct the heart of our leadership. Whether that heart has become harden like Pharaoh before he finally let the children of Israel go or like King David who was a man after your own heart, we know that the big picture is in play. You are preparing the hearts of people everywhere. They will either  accept you or not. Let the attitude of acceptance of your will flavor every decision from the governor’s office. Bring your heavenly kingdom on earth through such seasoning of his decisions. Only allow those decisions that are rooted in your authority and power have an impact on his aspirations and the well being of the people.  Let his decisions today lead to prosperity of the state, value in his career and ultimately to souls in the state of Wisconsin being saved. Father don’t allow perversion of the mantle of leadership to go unchecked. Bring our governor to point of repentance and allow that same forgiveness that will elevate his office be applied to the people he serves. When he thinks he has everything under control show him that unless he follows you that control is both allusion and a delusion. Overwhelm him with the idea that he can resist the temptation to allow power to corrupt him and his administration. Thank you Lord that your plan includes deliverance from that temptation to be self serving. Just as always you are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. There is no power that can stand against you. There is no control in heaven or earth that can withstand your authority. You will have the last word. Souls will be saved. You will be glorified as your plan to redeem man continues to unfold. What you have provided for the redeemed will last forever. We who reject you will also face an eternity without you. Your faithfulness is eternal we give you the praise the glory as you take what is temporary in Wisconsin and make it part of your eternal plan. In Jesus name, We pray Amen.



7/15/17 Leadership in general.

Although it doesn’t seem like it sometimes, Father, you are truly in control. Your perspective is beyond our narrow view. All the lawlessness, divisiveness, and general confusion about truth has exposed us to judgment. Lord we thank you even in that judgment you are merciful.  Oh that our leadership would identify their/our problems and humble ourselves, pray, and seek your face  to know your perspective and stop the madness: the madness of selfish decisions. These decisions that ignore your power and the good news in Jesus Christ.  As a result, leave us with little hope. If we stop the madness then healing can begin from the top down. Oh that the heart cry of Joshua would become the same cry of our leadership. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. Then our nation would again truly be great. Glorifying God and setting a course that is dependent on God’s faithfulness and grace is our only solution.  Thank you Lord for our leadership what you are doing in their lives. We give you the praise and the glory in Jesus name Amen.